A special photoshoot with our international actor on Shoreditch’s streets, which are London’s creative quarters. A PROTECTOR IN THE STREETS OF LONDON: CAGATAY ULUSOY “Every new project I’m in is a challenge for myself and in this period of my life, I’m playing different musical notes” This time, we are chasing another story with Cagatay Ulusoy, the star of Netflix’s first original Turkish series, with whom we reunited in London 3 years after our meeting in Monaco. Since that day, there is a new Cagatay in front of us who has taken big steps in his life with his experiences, with the new paths that opened up for him, with his “firsts”, with risks and who has arrived at a totally different point from where we left. For the full interview, click here


FILM-LIKE PHOTO SHOOT AT THE GLAMOROUS VENUES OF MONTE CARLO IN MONACO AND A SUPER EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: CAGATAY ULUSOY The TV series “Icerde” has a star that follows the lead of James Bond in venues that are just like great film sets. Çağatay Ulusoy, who arrived in Monaco straight after leaving the sets of the TV series “Icerde”, charmed us all with his discipline and positive energy despite his intense working schedule and travels. “The famous actor said: “I really did feel like I was Bond in this ambiance.” and remarked on how special and exciting it was for him to shoot at Monte Carlo Casino after James Bond.” For the full interview, click here