When the most glamorous and luxurious casino of the world stated that it would open its doors to HELLO! Magazine for the first time after the James Bond movies for a special shooting, we had already decided on our own Bond. He was a star that continued rising these past years, most watched with the new season of his adrenaline filled TV series, and who was not any less than the Bond characters with his good looks and charisma.

Even though he has been working day and night for his TV series, Cagatay Ulusoy still cleared his schedule to come with us to Monaco. After shooting the series “Icerde”, which started early in the morning, he had a few hours of travel and joined us in the evening. He was welcomed like an internationally renowned star in Monaco, where we were hosted by Monte Carlo’s La Société des Bains de la Mer and the Director of Premium Guest Relations of Monte Carlo SBM, Hulya Biren. He was picked up at the airport with a helicopter by Monacair and was brought to the “Diamond Suite Charles Garnier” at Hotel de Paris, where many world-famous stars stayed before. Ulusoy, whom we met for dinner at Salle Empire, was as excited as we were.

The renown actor was very energetic despite the long week and the fatigue of the travel. He did not lose anything from his positive spirit throughout the entire shooting that started at 6.30 in the morning.
After a full day that passed with many surprises and a lot of joy, we understood once more that some people do not become stars by chance; they stand out with their natural aura and energy wherever they go. We felt like we were in a real movie set when he arrived at the casino in the latest Bentley convertible car and when he started playing the piano at Opera Garnier. We wanted you to accompany us frame by frame in this unforgettable movie too.

We wanted our readers to accompany us frame by frame in this unforgettable movie too.

HELLO!: How did you find Monaco, where we followed the footsteps of Bond?

Cagatay: I have found Monaco fascinating and impressive. I did not have enough time to walk around much, but I was very impressed by the general ambiance at the Monte Carlo Casino and Opera Garnier, as well as at the Hotel de Paris, where we stayed. I plan to come back very soon.

HELLO!: You are acting in a very different role with Sarp from “Icerde”. He is more rebellious and daring. Which character affects you the most? Which one of them do you feel like you can relate to?

Cagatay: I have not forgotten any of the characters I acted to this day, they all stay within me somewhere. They probably get along with each other too, as they are all very solid characters. Power is the most outstanding and similar property of them all. Everything else is different. Their life views, the things they went through, their financial backgrounds. I have learned something from each and every one of them.

HELLO!: From the son of a rich family, to a romantic lover, they all suit you. However Sarp’s spirit and rebellious look also feels in sync with your daily style and attitude. Do you like transforming into this character?

Cagatay: I am actually a simple and genuine person in my daily life. So I can’t really say that I’m a rebel. I try to be as modest as possible. Of course all of the characters I perform carry something from within me. They all have their own special place in my heart and I love all of them.

HELLO!: The set of the TV series is full of action and you must be working long hours almost every day of the week. How do you blow off steam?

Cagatay: I don’t really have any time because of the TV series these days. When I have the chance, I try to stay at home and I also work out.

HELLO!: How free do you feel in Istanbul? Do you like getting away from time to time?

Cagatay: I am not very independent in Istanbul. There are some sacrifices to this job too. You need to be careful about what you do in each step you take. That is why I like going away when I get very tired. It calms me down.

HELLO!: Where do you go when you want to get away?

Cagatay: Los Angeles, the Greek Islands, Ayvalık, the Gulf of Saros.

HELLO!: Is Los Angeles an escape in that sense? What do you do there?

Cagatay: Of course Los Angeles was somewhat of an escape for me. I have a lot of time for self-improvement when I am there. Being there was a relaxing and productive period for me. I had a long vacation and I also received training for the new project. I was very happy there.

HELLO!: Right now your TV series are being aired in many countries. When you stay in Los Angeles you attend parties  by Dolce & Gabbana, and you are shooting with us in Monaco. You have a fame that transcends Turkey. How important is it for you and for your career to go global?

Cagatay: These are all great things. They make me very proud, happy and motivated. Every actor’s greatest wish is to achieve something internationally. I get more well-known thanks to the projects I am in, which is something very valuable for me. I really hope to be involved in an international project some day. We have some meetings and work in progress for that too. I hope I get the right project at the right time.

HELLO!: You surprised us once more with your piano recital at the photoshoot we had at the magnificent Opera House in Monte Carlo. With your drumming performance in “Delibal” and the song “Mutlu Sonsuz” that you sang for the movie, your fans are expecting something musical from you. Do you have any musical plans for the future?

Cagatay: I do not have any musical plans for the future yet. My priority is acting and getting involved with original, solid and good projects. I love music but I only see it as a plus to my acting.

HELLO!: You were always involved in highly rated mainstream projects. Is it true that one of your dreams is to star in an art film too? What kind of a project would you want that to be like and with whom?

Cagatay: I do not differentiate projects as art films or box office hits. I would work in any project that I feel comfortable with, that I would be happy to be in. I can’t name any names but there are some good films I would like to do with important directors, and our work continues in these pursuits.

HELLO!: Our country and the world are going through difficult times. We also heard that you wrote a script after being affected by these social issues. Could you please share that with us?

Cagatay: Terror is unfortunately a problem in the whole world. It has been an issue for a long time, especially in our country. We are affected by what happens in the society we live in. Sometimes, we wish to tell our stories with our feelings and observations. I drafted something coming from those emotions. However I can’t give more details at this time.

HELLO!: Do you have any dreams of directing?

Cagatay: Behind the scenes is very important. That is a place that cannot be seen on camera but has an immense depth. One, of course, wonders how the director feels while shooting all of that. A movie or TV series come to life with a range of different emotions. I always wonder about these too. Sometimes I scribble down some things and imagine the direction. However these aren’t things that can happen overnight. Right now I am only observing.

HELLO!: You are working with a beautiful team that you are also close friends with. Does this reflect on the work that you do?

Cagatay: Of course I think that is reflected on what I do. It gives me a more peaceful and relaxing working environment. My agent and my stylist are both my close friends and my colleagues at the same time. Everything runs more smoothly because we know each other so well.

HELLO!: Do you have any idols or names that you admire?

Cagatay: I am following many names who are good and exemplary in their jobs. I am constantly trying to improve myself and find ways to become better and more original.

HELLO!: Millions of teenagers are watching you, dreaming of becoming Cagatay Ulusoy. Do you think being good looking and fit is enough to become a good actor? Do you have any advice to give to them as someone who is experienced in the sector?

Cagatay: First of all, they need to decide what they really want. Good looks aren’t just enough to be good in this field. I would recommend that they should receive training in acting at specialized schools. They should do whatever they can do improve themselves. They should do what they love and be in sectors that they have fun in. These will already make them better.

HELLO!: What do you do to improve your acting?

Cagatay: I work constantly to add something to myself and to the character I am playing. I learned how to play drums for my character Barıs, and I learned infighting and how to use guns for Sarp. Acting is very open for improvement, which is why I learn something new all the time. Good work requires a good effort. Due to the respect I have for myself and for the work that I do, I believe I need to improve myself for the people who watch me on the screens.

HELLO!: Monte Carlo Casino opened its doors for you for the first time after James Bond. Did you feel like Bond yourself while in that environment?

Cagatay:  This was a very special and exciting occasion for me. Being in this amazing casino building for a photo shoot after the Bond movies has a special feeling to it. Yes, I very much felt like Bond.

HELLO!: We watch a secret and impossible love story in the TV series. Does Çağatay like a challenge when it comes to love?

Cagatay: Let’s not mix the series with my personal life. I don’t usually like to give statements on subjects like these.

HELLO!: “Icerde” managed to suck us in very quickly and created its own fan base. Were you expecting this kind of success?

Cagatay: We believed in “Icerde” a lot as a team. It has a story that we were familiar with. However, the characters and the story are so realistic and full of surprises that we did expect such a success. “Icerde” is a project that we do with lots of love and hard work.

HELLO!: What is the most important criteria for you before saying “yes” to a project?

I say yes if it feels right. I have many criteria but it is enough for me if it can capture me in some way, making me believe in the project.

HELLO!: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Where would you like to be?

Cagatay: I don’t know if I could imagine being here 10 years ago. That is why I can’t think of 10 years ahead as well, but I would like to be living a peaceful and happy life.

HELLO!: How does it feel to be known with your TV series in many different countries of the world? What would you like to say to your international fans?

I receive many beautiful messages and gifts from all over the world. It touches me to receive such love from my fans despite the kilometers of distance between us. This great energy that they send to someone they love and believe in, is one of the things that motivate me the most. I would like to thank them once again for their support and for being there for me.

Interview: Mrs. Gökçe Ateş
Photography: Mr. Emre Güven
Styling: Mrs. İlknur Aykanat
Photography Assistant: Mr. Hasan Karaaslan
Styling Assistant: Ms. Aybüke Özmantar
Project Coordinator: Mr. İsmail Polat
Source & Translation Credit: Cagatay Ulusoy Facebook Page
Here is the BTS video from the photoshoot!