Rendevous at the Pink Motel

n January 2019, soon after the success of the first two seasons of The Protector on Netflix, Cagatay Ulusoy appeared on the cover page of Elle Turkey.

The photoshoot took place at the Pink Motel in Los Angeles, a famed filming location for Hollywood. The Pink Motel and Cadillac Jacks is family owned and operated since 1946 when it was first established by Maximillian Thomulka and Gladys Thomulka. It is on historic U.S Route 99, now called San Fernando Road.

When asked what is the pinkest building we know, scientists have determined the pinkest buildings are Sun Valley’s Pink Motel and its coffee shop, Cadillac Jack’s!! Outfitted in fashion wear from Fendi, Saint Laurent, Beymen, Hugo Boss and more, this is one of Cagatay’s best photoshoots of recent times.

Enjoy the interview translated by Team CUNA

Mystic Hero Cagatay

One day, an ordinary man is assigned to a mission of saving Istanbul.

We present to you Cagatay Ulusoy, the starring role of The Protector – known as Hakan: Muhafiz in Turkey, a fantasy story that has the imprints of the rich culture of the city.

Photograph: BEGÜM YETİS
Fashion editor: HAFİZE ÇELİKTÜRK
Black pant: HUGO BOSS.

I didn’t choose this vocation to pursue popularity. Popularity is something that comes along with the job due to its nature. Things we do are watched by people and, like that, you become well-known. What I like about this job is that I can touch people’s hearts by making a proper performance.

We met with  Cagatay Ulusoy – the leading role of the most anticipated series of the year and the most liked man of the country, in Los Angeles for a cover shoot. It would be better to say that he met with our fashion editor Hafize Celiktürk and our photographer Begum Yetiş.

Right now, The Protector is being watched on Netflix in the entire world, the series that uses Istanbul powerfully as a background in all episodes. We wanted to have this city and the coolest man of the city on our magazine cover for the first issue of this year. You are going to see unorthodox and attractive pictures from the photoshoot that was made in LA’s iconic place Pink Motel and its surroundings.

“I liked the fact a lot that Hakan is a pure human being in this fantasy world. One can’t be a fantastic hero every day.”

We learned that the preparation time and process that continued until the beginning of going to the sets was enough for him, since he had been a part of the project from the very start. He seized opportunities to talk about his character and the series, to meet with the directors. He states that learning how to use a gun and having fighting lessons in the past has facilitated his work, especially for the action scenes.

“Sports is always in my life anyway. Consequently, I can’t say that I had a very hard time. We decided that the character’s physcial appearance shouldn’t change suddenly and drastically after discovering his special abilities hence it has been easier for me to prepare for the role.”

What is his dream about this project? Does one expect it to be global when they portray such a character?

“Surely, we started off targeting the Turkish audience in the first place but we worked in global standards. We all know that Turkish series are exported and that we have positive reactions. The fact that The Protector (Hakan: Muhafiz) is going to be available in the whole world at the same time increases the possibility of drawing the attention of foreign countries. We trust in the story, the acting talent of the cast and the screening a lot. From on-screen to off-screen, everyone did their best. But regardless of the outcome, we will know that we put our signature under a beautiful project. It’s a first here and a great effort has been put into it. Therefore, I can say that I’m content.”

It’s quite obvious that he is going through an exciting period. On this career path of his, he is in one of the best places that he can be now. He talks about understanding his perception better, feeling that he is growing up and his emotions that are crystal clear: “I’m in a period where I started to get to know myself much better.”

And also, when I learned that there are a few scripts that he wrote, I wonder, when is he planning to put them into practice? This is the response I get: “When it is the right time.”

He is not making haste, he is earnest and mature. To neutralize everything that is going on in life, Çağatay Ulusoy’s tactic is to spend time with nature. He has meditative hobbies such as fishing, archery and he mostly spares time for those things. “I believe that it nourishes my soul, puts me at ease and that I find a lot of things that are related to life in nature. It makes me relaxed mentally and physically.”

This is the part of the iceberg that cannot be seen. The popularity, also known as the tip of the iceberg, is not really for him.

“I’m only trying to do my job the way it should be done and I do it because I really love it. I didn’t choose this vocation to pursue popularity. Popularity is something that comes along with the job due to its nature. Things we do are watched by people and like that, you become well-known. What I like about this job is that I can touch people’s hearts by making a proper performance.”

He adds that when he shares his accomplishments with the people around him and when he supports them, he feels happy. He is after a peaceful and happy life. “If I attain it, then it is an accomplishment for me.” 

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