Cagatay’s short film “Birdie” in Oxford Film Festival!

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Lots happening with Cagatay!

On the eve of Cagatay’s birthday on September 23, Ranini broke the news the Cagatay has signed on with OGM Pictures for a new series titled Yali Capkini (“The Kingfisher”). It is inspired by a true story and written by Kemal Hamamcioglu. There are rumors that it is being prepared for channel tv8, but we do not have confirmation from the channel yet. His co-star is also yet to be announced. 

In the past, Cagatay’s name has been involved with Marasli (Burak Deniz played the lead) and Barbaroslar (Engin Altan Duzyatan is playing the lead), but eventually did not come to fruition. Both the actual eventual leads are Cagatay’s co-stars from Medcezir and Anadolu Kartallari, respectively. 

If this proposed project does happen, this will be Cagatay’s return to a dizi on public tv since his turn as Sarp Yilmaz in Icerde, 2016-2017. In September 2020, he had a cameo in Menajerimi Ara, an Ay Yapim production being directed by Ali Bilgin, who also directed Cagatay in Medcezir and Delibal

Successful Birthday Fundraiser!

With donors from more than 10 countries, Cagatay Ulusoy North America co-ordinated fundraiser for Cagatay’s 31st birthday on September 23 was very successful. With several hundred dollars sent to various childhood cancer organizations around the globe, the fans showed their love for Cagatay by standing next to the kids in need. Many donors sent a birthday message his way and we compiled them into a video.

Spotted With Friends

On September 28th, Cagatay’s friend Umut Kisa shared this photo via Instagram story.

They are out for the night. From left to right are Mustafa Mert Koc, Umut Kisa, Cagatay Ulusoy, Mali Simsek and Engin Aykanat.

He was also sighted in a chance meeting with actor Halit Ergenc, where Cagatay made a hasty exit without answering any reporter questions. Halit was asked about Cagatay later and he said:

Last week, Cagatay’s friend Mustafa Mert Koc posted a short video of the two guys playing a casual game of basketball. One cannot see Cagatay very clearly, but fans can make out his basketball prowess!

Yesilcam Is Back!

Earlier this week, fans received the happy news that Season 2 of Yesilcam will drop on BluTV on Thursday, October 28. It will release the first five episodes that day, presumably with the remaining five coming once a week. The trailer looks amazing, as the cast leaps forward in time to 1969 into the 70s, with new challenges for them to overcome. Will Semih Ates remain the hero figure we came to love in Season 1?

The filming for Season 2 concluded in the early summer and fans had been anxiously waiting. On a post on instagram where Cagatay shared the trailer on his profile, director Cagan Irmak had some wonderful things to say about Cagatay and his craft.

This young man is truly an icon in so many ways and we are proud to be supporting his journey. We will resume our series/ episode reviews once Yesilcam starts streaming. Until then, enjoy!

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In October 2019, Cagatay told GQMiddleEast “I’ve never told anyone about this by the way. Just my close friends know I’m going to shoot a film as a director. You are the first to know. I’m so excited. Just dreaming every day about it. Every moment.”

Soon after, there were several photos of Cagatay in Kirklareli which were believed to be part of him scouting the location for his film. At the time, the working title for the film was “Freedom Bird” but no further news was available. It was thought the project had been abandoned.

However, on February 15th, Oxford Film Festival announced its selections for 2021, and the Cagatay Ulusoy written and directed film “Birdie” is in the lineup for the short film category. At 20 minutes, it is “The story of a lonely fisherman whose relationship with life, nature and human being is fair. For him, life is about living with a full belly until a goldfinch hits his window. Will his relationship with the goldfinch change the fate of the fisherman?”. 


The film stars veteran actor Turgay Tanulku, who is also Cagatay’s co-star in the upcoming #PaperLives, which will be on Netflix on March 12.

Filmmaking has been a long term dream for Cagatay, and to not only bring it to fruition, but to do it with his younger brother Atalay as Assistant Director is an incredible foray into the field. 

The movie will be available for virtual viewing April 1 – April 29 and only available to viewers in USA. You can pre-order tickets here.

We came to learn that the movie was also selected at the Montecatini International Short Film Festival in October 2020 and at the Santa Monica Film Festival in November 2020. Getting into the festival circuit is a great achievement for independent filmmaker, and it already looks like a promising start for Cagatay.

Here are some photos of Cagatay from the time of filming, collected from various sources.​

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Updated: February 19, 2021

Successful Birthday Fundraiser!